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Premium Materials

We use the best fibers and fabrics on Earth, but you'll swear our socks are out of this world.


Our Sock Tech

Direct Compression

Almost an unfair advantage.

Built to cradle the arch of your foot, our socks add tension without losing flexion, springing you forward with a little extra pep in all your steps.

The Strideline Story

It Goes Back

Since birth, we were destined to make the world's greatest sock—at least that's what people kept telling us. 13 years later, we're starting to think they were right.

Custom Socks


Bring your design to life with us. We are the preferred sock supplier of the industry’s elite brands, and are market leaders in quality, speed, and price. Choose your Strideline material, size, color, length, and add ons.

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Strideline x Justin Tucker: The Most Accurate Kicker on Earth

Strideline x Justin Tucker: The Most Accurate Kicker on Earth

  Strideline is excited to announce its partnership with The Most Accurate Kicker on Earth: Baltimore Ravens player Justin Tucker. The Most Comfortable Sock on Earth™ couldn’t have been a better f...
Strideline + The SoleSavy Podcast

Strideline + The SoleSavy Podcast

Riley Goodman, Co-Founder of Strideline, joins the podcast this week to chat through how Marshawn Lynch wore Strideline in game, the secret to comfy socks, how to successfully run a startup, and mu...
Hook Holdings + Strideline eCommerce Partnership

Hook Holdings + Strideline eCommerce Partnership

Hook Holdings has been chosen by Strideline to handle all eCommerce services in a strategic move to streamline business operations and accelerate growth. Internationally renowned and vertically-in...

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