We've worked harder—made it better,
to make you faster—even stronger.

Premium Materials

We use the best fibers and fabrics on Earth, but you'll swear our socks are out of this world.

Our Proprietary Tech

Quad-Ply Yarn™ Padding System

Our Quad-Ply Yarn™ padding is placed directly below the foot to provide cushion variances that help alleviate pain and soreness, while also maximizing performance. These strategically constructed terry loops help absorb impact, reinforce sock integrity, and distribute force, effectively amplifying effort with every step you take.

Our proprietary tech

Strideline Heel Strap™

Our patented Strideline Heel Strap™ fastens around the tendons and ligaments in your ankle and Achilles, without restricting axial movement.


Direct Compression

Almost an unfair advantage.

Built to hug the contour of the ankle while maintaining the ideal combination of snugness without tightness and flexibility without slippage, our socks add stability without losing flexion. Optimized for maximum movement control.