Strideline + The SoleSavy Podcast

Strideline + The SoleSavy Podcast

Riley Goodman, Co-Founder of Strideline, joins the podcast this week to chat through how Marshawn Lynch wore Strideline in game, the secret to comfy socks, how to successfully run a startup, and much more.



1:37: Introductions

3:08: Why socks?

5:15: What was the hardest part of starting the business?

8:13: What’s the secret of such a comfortable sock?

12:56: How did you feel when Marshawn Lynch wore your socks?

15:20: What’s been your favorite moment in the brand’s life?

17:08: How important are socks to the everyday consumer?

19:09: What kind of socks and shoes pair best together?

21:33: Any advice for those thinking of starting a company with something they are passionate about?