Partnering with ESPN

Partnering with ESPN

We're very excited to introduce our brand new partnership with ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports. This collection has been two years in the making and finally available on our website today. 

It seems like just yesterday we were popping up at lacrosse or basketball tournaments selling socks out the back of our car. Our storage unit was our parents' garage and we had no idea what was next. All we knew is that our socks were cool with skylines on them and people liked representing where they're from while wearing them. 

3 Packs of Socks  with Logo

City skylines were our first move into the sock world and now eight years later we've partnered with one of the biggest organizations in sports and entertainment, ESPN

Since those first days we've tremendously improved the quality of our socks and now make the most comfortable socks on earth. 

This brand new collection features styles including ESPN, SportsCenter, and College Gameday. Click on any of the photos to head straight to the collection. 

2 Packs of Socks with Logo

Make sure to grab your pair today while supplies last.