Curvy Design Socks - Strideline ( text )
Curvy Design Socks ( 3 Pairs ) - Strideline ( text )
  • Curvy Design Socks - Strideline ( text )
  • Curvy Design Socks ( 3 Pairs ) - Strideline ( text )

Limited Release Premium Wool 3-Pack

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Product Details

Introducing the new Strideline Wool Socks.

Why wool?

Moisture-wicking - Absorbs the sweat and wicks it away from your skin to the outside of the sock to evaporate.

Anti-bacterial - The fibers have anti-bacterial properties that make them odor resistant AND able to be worn multiple times before washing!

Soft and lightweight -The fine fibers mean NO itchiness and make them fit easily in shoes

Temperature-regulating - Temperature-regulating and insulating properties keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

100% Ecological - Merino sheep are typically shorn once to twice a year – so they automatically grow a new coat. Plus, the shearing process is purely manual labor and causes the animal absolutely no pain.

Premium performance - Breathable, antimicrobial, anti-wrinkle, anti-static, stain resistant, flameproof, biodegradable, durable, and quick-drying.

Elasticity - Stretches the way you need it to, then returns back to its original shape, preventing sagging and bagging.

UV Protection - Absorbs radiation through the entire UV spectrum, naturally protecting against the sun's harmful rays.

Size Guide

US Men’s Shoe Size
S 4-8
M/L 8-12
XL 12-16


35% Wool 29% Polyester 18% Nylon
13% Acrylic 5% Spandex


tech Scientifically Spaced Ribbing Construction
tech Balanced Compression for Each Part of Your Foot
tech Innovative Padding System with Quad-Ply Yarn
tech Premium Moisture-Wicking Fibers
tech Shaped to Fit Your Left & Right Feet Perfectly

Care Instructions

care1 care care
Machine Wash Cold Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry Low


We stand by our sock science and are so confident you’ll love your Strideline socks, that we back our product with a 100% guarantee. After receiving your first order, if you don’t love your socks or are dissatisfied in any way, let us know & we will fully refund the price of your order. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

Socks perfected by science

Based On Anatomy
Proprietary technology
Superior performance