The Burke Pack Featuring Professional Boxer Zach Cooper

The Burke Pack is our most recent sock collection and it just launched on the website. The collection is available in three different styles, the Elevation, EKG, and Fell Teal

These three socks were designed with durability and performance in mind. We spent a lot of our time researching the best twisted and heather'd yarns to make sure these socks keep your feet warm during all conditions. 

During the development process of these socks, we started working with professional boxer Zach Cooper as he was training in the winter for his upcoming fight. Zach has always been a huge supporter of the brand and wears Strideline both in and outside of the ring.

"I started amateur boxing out of Azteca Boxing Club with Mario Rodriguez and Mathis Hill... amateurs was easy I swept through the competition, and decided to turn pro. Difference is I wanted it all, so I packed up my clothes and $200 dollars in my pocket kissed my son on his forehead and told him I plan to comeback with more money...  So I moved to Vegas and started training at the Mayweather Boxing Club with a Jeff Mayweather who is an amazing coach and amazing brain I learned so much from him... Later started training with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and am continually training with him and Chris it's been amazing... I've learned a lot... My book is just beginning but I know it's gonna end with me being champion." _ Zach Cooper

We wanted the feedback of an athlete that is truly put to the test when it comes to endurance and performance. Training for a professional boxing match has to be one of the most rigorous processes and Zach was perfect for this project. 

After gathering feedback from Zach and his sparring partners, we landed on the perfect blend of yarns to make this one of our most comfortable socks to date. The sock was tested over and over again inside of the ring during sparring sessions, in the weight room while training, and outside in the snowy terrain of Tiger Mountain. 

Once the socks were finalized we shot the collection video (see below) while Zach was training for his fight in the snow running up Tiger Mountain and executing a number of different drills. It was awesome seeing this product being used in its final stage in such traitorous conditions. 

 All three pairs from the Burke Pack can be seen below or you can click HERE to head straight to the collection page. (click any product below)