Tha Monstar Collection w/ Jesse Williams

We're very proud to announce our brand new collection w/ Jesse Williams. The Monstar Collection

Jesse has been a supporter of Strideline ever since he came to Seattle from the University of Alabama to play for the Seahawks. We first met when he was training at one of the facilities here in Seattle and was already wearing our socks. Little did we know he had been a fan of the brand for the quality and comfort of our socks while training. 

Jesse is a perfect representative of the brand as he has overcome adversity in many ways including being a cancer survivor while on an NFL roster early in his career. In May of 2015, Jesse was diagnosed with papillary Type 2 cancer.

Shortly after he had his successful surgery, Jesse was back on the field ready to compete with the best of them.

During his time spent in Seattle he always kept a positive attitude putting hard work and dedication over everything else going on around him. One of his best quotes after his surgery was "Man, I'll play tomorrow if they let me".  

Outside of being a great athlete, Jesse has always been a very genuine and humble person. No matter what we had going on over here at the brand, he was always down to work with us and develop new projects. He has always been an inspiration to all of us here to push forward with whatever we have going on and to keep pushing through to the next level. 

Believe it or not, he's also an amazing photographer. It was just something he picked up as a hobby while in Seattle, but ended up really getting after it taking some of the best pictures we've ever seen. You can find a lot of those pics on his Instagram Page

Jesse is currently living in Brisbane, Australia where he is a strength and conditioning coach working both American Football athletes and younger athletes who are looking to play college football in the United States. He has especially been focusing on Olympic lifting athletes and a ton of charity work with kids and youth sports. 

If you don't yet, make sure to follow Jesse on Instagram and show him some love. His entire collection can be seen below. Click HERE to get your pair today.