Marshawn Lynch wears Strideline Socks in Game vs. Titans

Marshawn Lynch made his NFL comeback yesterday against the Titans and looked better than ever running over anyone that got in his way. The Beast is back and he made sure his sock game was on point too. Marshawn wore a pair of Beastmode Strideline socks with some custom cleats to match. 

It's awesome seeing one of the most powerful forces in football wearing our socks for his first game back with the Raiders. 

Marshawn has been wearing Strideline Socks since we can remember. He was first seen wearing our Seattle city skyline socks against the Atlanta Falcons in 2011. Ever since then he's been wearing the socks during games, training, etc. 

When you're the guy that invented Beastmode, it's only right you play in the most comfortable socks on earth. Appreciate you BEAST!